Leo Selig
Picture of Leo Selig

Me, professionally

During my work I will strike the balance between an analytical and a hands-on approach. I will ask questions until I understood the objective and then work on the solution.
When working on a task on my own, I prefer focused work with few interuptions and will make sure to give valuable updates on my work status along the way.
My communication-style can be described as open with a dose of humor. I prefer connecting with the people I'm working with to some degree and believe that this is the basis for openly giving my opinion, raising questions or bringing up possible issues.

Me, personally

I'm a passionate 🏃‍♂️ runner & boulderer 🧗‍♂️ and my favorite mean of transport is my bike.
In the past, I spent quite some years as a semi-professional actor and while I'm lacking opportunities to keep doing so at the moment, I still have it in my heart.